Feedback From Our Clients

Nosework is a K9 sport that was created to be similar to professional detection dogs.  Dogs must find hidden target odors Birch, Anise and Clove while ignoring distractions such as food or toys and alert their find to the handler.  When the dog successfully finds the target odor they are rewarded with food or a toy, whichever is better for them.  All breeds of dogs are welcome as well as dogs that have disabilities or reactive dogs.


I compete in NACSW, CPE and Performance Scent dog trials. I have trained and competed with my 11 year old dog and we have reached the highest level in NACSW (Summit). I have also trained and competed with my three other cattledogs and they are at the NACSW NW3 level.

I will teach you and your dog how to source odor in containers, vehicles, interiors and exteriors.


New class starting Wednesday January 10 600-700 pm. 6 week class total cost $120.00